January 18, 2018


Determination…a word of action needed to get through life…

I have been through many circumstances in life; as a child, a teenager, and many more experiences in my adult life. Recently, as I was out running, I had to push myself to keep going. It reminded me of this photo. This was a time about 8 years ago when I was training for the open 400m race. I was actually trying to make the upcoming Olympics. Although, my time was close to tryout times, I needed to knock off several more seconds. Anyway, as I thought back to this time in my life during my now getting back in shape jog, I kept running to finish my last mile. I then thought to myself how being determined is sometimes what gets you through things in life; it’s what got me through the last year of my life for sure. Unfortunately, in the past few years of my life, I’ve had at least a few circumstances that I needed to dig my way through. I was determined to be a better mom, a better wife, determined to not only make it through cancer and chemotherapy, but to come out on the other end in better shape than I was before; healthier, physically and mentally stronger and more spiritually fit. That is where I am now; getting back in to shape, constantly trying to cut certain foods out of my diet (a work in progress 😉 ), and my oh my, what God has shown me about Him – that will be in another blog!

Subsequently, in the midst of wanting to be done with this workout, it came to me that choosing determination is what I’ve had to decide within me over the more recent course of my life. If I choose to be determined no matter how much I hurt, no matter how tired I am, no matter what others say, then I can keep going. If I choose to be determined, even if I don’t know what the next step is, I know God will work it out for me. Sometimes, I just need to commit, bringing me to see the next step as I get closer to it. I ask God to help sustain me, show me how to get through, and to show me what’s next; humbly admitting I don’t know what else to do.

So here I am, determined…to do life…to be happy…to love…but most importantly, to keep learning and leaning on my God.

Shaving My Head – Chemo

At Rest…

Blue Ridge MountainsMy spirit is at rest. It is experiencing a sense of peace in such an uncertain world of chaotic circumstances – in sync with God.

When there is so much buzzing around me, a number of decisions to be made, futures to plan for and obstacles that keep getting in the way; at times the accomplishments made seem wasteful – causing panic, confusion and worry. An attack on what God has planned.

But when my heart and mind are in sync with God’s Word and promises, my soul is at rest. It is here that I continue to learn to seek Him, surrender to him and abide in His love and care for me.

A New Season


Upon planning for my in-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary, my husbands mother began having some health issues earlier this spring. As time progressed, her memory suddenly worsened. It brought us to an unexpected point of immediately taking both parents in with hopes of reversing a mild diagnose of Dementia and Alzheimer’s for his mother.

Although it has only been a little over a month, we have found ourselves in the position of possibly taking them in permanently. She has definitely improved in her health, but along the way, other health circumstances arose – from having a cast put on to a pretty serious surgery to take place, not to mention their overall health in general to be looked after.

Which brings us to a new unexpected season of life in care taking. We have surely had some great laughs along the way, and have added several new stories to our memories thus far. Although it seems like it’s been longer, I know this is only the beginning of more stories to come.

Clissie Rogers’ Recovery

Family Fun


A while back a tree fell in our backyard after a rain storm. Embarrassed to say; since it was far enough in the rear of the yard, we left it for months before deciding what to do with it. Upon deciding, I implored with my husband to turn it into a fire pit. He contested; we can’t do that! There’s no way!

At last, the day came. I had finally influenced my husband to move forward with the fire-pit idea. Yay! We inquired about renting a chain saw from Home Depot. The six of us, including our Jack Russell/Rat Terrier, Bolt, attacked the fallen tree. As my husband sawed the trunk of about twenty feet long and two feet wide, the kids and I rolled or carried the trunks to the woods of our yard. The stumps that were of great size we used as seats, and the smaller pieces we lined up for fire wood.

It was complete! The downside of this whole event was that both my daughters and husband ended up with poison ivy that lasted for a couple of weeks. We couldn’t burn the wood because we didn’t know which wood was covered with dead poison ivy.

All in all, it was still a great idea. We were able to use it a couple of times before summer came, and we plan to use it within the next few weeks for the fall. It was also a great family building activity.


Letting God


What is it that you want changed? To be a better person, to be happy, fulfilled, and maybe even a person of strong character? Those sound like qualities anyone would want. But when you ask God to change your heart, are those the things that what He will change? A lesson some want to learn, yet fear the change that may come about.

If you want to save your life, you will destroy it. But if you give up your life to me , you will find it.

Matthew 16:26

We can consume ourselves with trying to make our lives the way we think they should be or the way others think they should be. All in all, what we are trying to do is control our circumstances and others into what we think we want in life. We believe that our choices in life are going to get us to our insurmountable joy! After all, who else is going to do it for us? Aren’t we responsible for our being?

We could never imagine the damage we could be causing along the way; by making sure we keep everything under “control.”

But if I give not “everything,” but all of my self, my life, over to Him who knows all things, created all things, and desires for me to prosper in all things; what then shall I have to lose? His word says, I will find my life. Life is full and living and fruitful. It is a life dependent on not all the things I “keep under control,” but a life I’m willing to lay down. A life I’m willing to allow Christ to dwell in. And in changing my heart, he is helping me to become more like Him – Knowing it’s not about me – Knowing I’m not in control of all things – Allowing him to orchestrate my life and it’s circumstances; making my life full and flourishing. I can be busy loving all and forgiving all. He will be busy blessing those who come to Him, and I can surely say “change my heart, O God,” and mean it with all my heart.

A Day of Family Fun

This year for Father’s Day, I decided to do something a little different. I didn’t tell my husband where we were going. We packed a lunch and ventured off to Unicoi State Park. We parked the car and walked a little ways to the rental area.

There were lots of people swimming in a portion of the lake. My husband looked at me in wonder. “What are getting ready to do?” As I smiled, we walked over to the rental booth and stared the registration. “You’re taking me out on a boat?!” The kids and I laughed and off we went life jackets and lunch boxes.

Once we got the hang of it, it was really peaceful and a lot of fun. We stayed out on the lake for two hours. Although it wasn’t a huge event, it was something new for us.