January 18, 2018

Shaving My Head – Chemo

New Season

JeffMy husband Jeff, had a screw put in his left foot a few weeks ago after a long haul on wearing a boot; hoping it would heal. He has been in a cast for the last three weeks. He will have to go another 3-4 weeks of non-weight bearing on crutches. He’s having a difficult time during the recovery with not only boredom, but nausea as well. Please pray that God will help him to heal quickly and that God would give him the comfort he needs.

A New Season


Upon planning for my in-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary, my husbands mother began having some health issues earlier this spring. As time progressed, her memory suddenly worsened. It brought us to an unexpected point of immediately taking both parents in with hopes of reversing a mild diagnose of Dementia and Alzheimer’s for his mother.

Although it has only been a little over a month, we have found ourselves in the position of possibly taking them in permanently. She has definitely improved in her health, but along the way, other health circumstances arose – from having a cast put on to a pretty serious surgery to take place, not to mention their overall health in general to be looked after.

Which brings us to a new unexpected season of life in care taking. We have surely had some great laughs along the way, and have added several new stories to our memories thus far. Although it seems like it’s been longer, I know this is only the beginning of more stories to come.

Clissie Rogers’ Recovery

Christmas Traditions

It is our family tradition on the day before Thanksgiving to head out to a big breakfast at Atlanta’s downtown restaurant, American Roadhouse. After having our fill, we then venture over to our nearest Home Depot and begin the “quick” search for our “perfect” tree.

As we enjoy our breakfast, we reminisce over the past year, laughing at our mishaps and marvel at God’s provisions.

Once we begin the search for our tree, we joke about how long it will take. We then find a pretty good tree within the first few picks and look at each other in disbelief. But of course, my husband will not stand for anything less or so quick of a pick. It must be an adventure! So off we go – to pull out, cut, shake, twist an turn at least ten more trees. One to two hours later, we’re off to decorate and move furniture to fit our massive tree in our living room and prepare for Thanksgiving.