January 18, 2018

Family Fun


A while back a tree fell in our backyard after a rain storm. Embarrassed to say; since it was far enough in the rear of the yard, we left it for months before deciding what to do with it. Upon deciding, I implored with my husband to turn it into a fire pit. He contested; we can’t do that! There’s no way!

At last, the day came. I had finally influenced my husband to move forward with the fire-pit idea. Yay! We inquired about renting a chain saw from Home Depot. The six of us, including our Jack Russell/Rat Terrier, Bolt, attacked the fallen tree. As my husband sawed the trunk of about twenty feet long and two feet wide, the kids and I rolled or carried the trunks to the woods of our yard. The stumps that were of great size we used as seats, and the smaller pieces we lined up for fire wood.

It was complete! The downside of this whole event was that both my daughters and husband ended up with poison ivy that lasted for a couple of weeks. We couldn’t burn the wood because we didn’t know which wood was covered with dead poison ivy.

All in all, it was still a great idea. We were able to use it a couple of times before summer came, and we plan to use it within the next few weeks for the fall. It was also a great family building activity.


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