January 18, 2018

My Desire

She Speaks Conference

I want to share with you my desire to be used by God. Over 10 years ago, after God brought me out of a very difficult time of my life, I attended a very small knit women’s retreat (about 30 attended). I came to a point in my life when I opened myself up to be used by God however He chose. At that time, I wanted to be totally His and totally healed. He spoke to me audibly that weekend and said, “Share your testimony.” I was so surprised to hear from Him that way that I immediately began to ask, me? now? when? to who?

On the last day of the retreat I found myself on edge looking for the opportunity. Well, it didn’t happen then. Over these last several years I have found myself feeling a constant tug towards Him – a strong desire to know Him in a more intimate way and to be used by Him in a different way. I have experienced continuous messages (in different instances) revealing how much I desire to minister to other women. The most recent experience being two years ago, and the latest – the fall of 2010, when Lysa TerKeurst came to First Baptist Church of Atlanta. As I was almost the last to approach her, I had no idea why I was going to meet her or even what I was going to say. However, some of what I just shared is what came out.

So, here I am sharing with you about a conference entitled, She Speaks Conference, that is geared toward women who feel led to be speakers, writers, and/or in leadership ministries. It provides workshops and evaluations by well known authors and speakers. The conference will be held in North Carolina this summer. My post is not only to share, but it is also for the purpose of entering a scholarship contest for this year’s conference. If anyone would like to know more about it, you may click on the link above, or if you would like to learn more about the contest click here: She Speaks Contest Post . The winners will be announced this Monday, March 14th. Which also happens to be my birthday! Wouldn’t that be a great gift. Anyway, thanks for your time, and we’ll talk soon.

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